Google Tricks Led Microsoft to Pick Chromium, Alleged Former Edge Developer

A former Edge developer claims Google’s fault behind Chromium move Microsoft Edge team had reportedly requested YouTube to fix experience The company is ditching EdgeHTML to […]

Microsoft Confirms Edge Is Switching to Chromium, and Coming to Windows 7, Windows 8 as Well as macOS

Microsoft has confirmed its plan to use Chromium engine for Edge browser The company is also set to bring Edge to macOS It will also support […]

Scientists Detect Biggest Collision of Black Holes Ever Observed

A team of scientists have detected the gravitational waves They resulted from the biggest collision of black holes ever observed The fusion was detected more than […]

Wild Facts About Antarctica That They Definitely Don’t Teach In Schools

Can you imagine thousands and thousands of miles of uninhabited land with zero electricity? With climates so inhospitable that without supremely specialized equipment, humans would quickly […]