Amazon to Sell Smart Locks So It Can Slip Packages Into Your Home

Amazon has announced ‘Amazon Key’ lock and camera system It lets users control remotely to let deliveries be slipped into houses This is available only for […]

Google’s AutoML Project Bears Fruits, Writes Better Machine Learning Code Than Humans

Google has been developing AutoML to train AI models The new development would cater growing demand for researchers Google has teams under its Brain project and […]

Facebook Unveils Oculus Go Portable VR Headset

Facebook has launched a new VR headset – Oculus Go It will cost $199 and start shipping next year It comes with built-in headphones for audio […]

Tamagotchis are officially back – but not how you’d think

The Tabagotchi extension simply spans a a computer critter when you open a new tab in Google’s Chrome browser. But unlike the Tamagotchis of yesteryear, the […]