Skype for Android, iOS, Desktop Gets Read Receipts Feature

The read receipt feature will let you see who has seen your message Skype has introduced it with the Insider Preview build 8.26.76 All iOS, Android, […]

Google Names the Apps, Games It Has Awarded ‘Android Excellence’ in Q3 2018

Google has added the list with some highlighted apps and games The list considers quality, user experience, and technical performance Apps include personal finance program Fortune […]

SpaceX Launches ‘Flying Brain’ AI Robot for ISS Crew

A ball-shaped artificial intelligence robot nicknamed the “flying brain” because it is trained to follow and interact with a German astronaut, blasted off Friday toward the […]

How to Reset Your iPhone or iPad

Before selling or discarding your iPhone, you should reset it The steps are easy but you should take a complete backup first Once you do this, […]