PS4-Exclusive Detroit: Become Human Demo Now Live on PSN

Detroit: Become Human demo is now live on PSN for certain regions Expect it to be available at midnight for your PSN region It is a […]

My TV Is 10 Years Old and I Still Can’t Convince Myself to Upgrade

Large screen 4K TVs are finally affordable If there’s nothing wrong with your TV, should you upgrade? If you already have a full-HD TV, there’s no […]

Microsoft Launches Windows Defender Browser Protection Extension for Google’s Chrome Browser

Microsoft has released a Windows Defender Browser Protection extension It works with Chrome browser on Windows and Mac devices The extension protects users from phishing and […]

Apple AirPods Charging Case May Soon Function As Wireless Speaker, Patent Reveals

Apple considering expanded functionality of its AirPods charging case It is planning to make an AirPod charging case with built-in speaker Bluetooth pairing between the AirPods […]