Android P Will Block Apps Built for Android 4.1 or Lower: Report

Android P may no longer support older apps Google will block apps which have been built for Android 4.1 or lower Minimum API version set in […]

Safari Exploits Demonstrated at Pwn2Own 2018; Chrome Remote Desktop Bug Discovered on macOS

A Safari vulnerability has been discovered at Pwn2Own 2018 The vulnerability gives access to the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar Chrome Remote Desktop extension also found to […]

Stephen Hawking: A Brief History of Genius

Stephen Hawking, who has died aged 76, was Britain’s most famous modern-day scientist, a genius who dedicated his life to unlocking the secrets of the Universe. […]

Firefox 59 Released With Faster Load Times on Desktop, HLS Support on Android

Firefox on desktop gets new tools for screenshots Firefox Private Browsing gets better on both platforms Quantum for Enterprise now available in beta Mozilla on Tuesday […]