Android O to Be Revealed on Monday, the Day of the US Total Solar Eclipse

Announcement set for 2:40pm ET (Tuesday 12:10am IST) Google may have accidently confirmed the name in a teaser Pixel smartphones may be unveiled alongside Android O […]

Google to Pay Apple $3 Billion to Remain Default iOS Device Search Engine

Google has increased the amount from $1 billion to $3 billion Google’s licensing fees make up a large bulk of Apple’s services business iOS devices contribute […]

Facebook News Feed Gets a Major Redesign, Camera Gets New Features

Update to make News Feed more conversational, easier to read and navigate Facebook improved the navigation to create a more consistent experience Facebook also announced it […]

To Stop Nude Pics From Strangers, Change This iPhone Setting

Female subway riders were alerted someone wanted to share a picture On accepting, they saw an unsolicited picture of a man’s private parts AirDrop doesn’t require […]