With Torrent Sites Facing the Heat, Pirates Get Creative With Google Drive and Other Services

Pirates have to be more creative as torrent sites face the heat Google Drive appears to be the most popular tool to spread links Creative pirates […]

Zeiss VR One Connect Brings PC-Powered SteamVR Games to Mobile Headsets

Zeiss VR One Connect streams SteamVR games to mobile VR headsets The VR games can be played using motion controllers Zeiss VR One Connect will retail […]

iOS 11’s ARKit Showcased With App Demos for Giphy, Ikea, and The Walking Dead

Developers have showcased how they plan to use ARKit Apple announced ARKit earlier this year at WWDC Analysts believe AR could be the next major breakthrough […]

WhatsApp Photo Filters Get Tested on Android App

The photo filter feature was tested for a brief period WhatsApp has already introduced this feature for iPhone users This brief test hints at the arrival […]