Google, MIT Researchers Create New AI-Based Real-Time Photo Editing

The AI-based system can automatically retouch image Photographer can see final version of the image while framing the shot The same system can also speed up […]

How 4 Influencers Built Their Personal Brands From Scratch

When it comes to branding, there are two kinds of business owners: those who prefer to stay behind the scenes and let their companies do the […]

DIY iPhone Construction

The unidentified chap being referred to, a self-proclaimed American nerd who has made the YouTube channel Strange Parts, says he ended up with a “consuming inquiry” […]

China’s helter-skelter fab-building programme may have hit a glitch

UMC’s jv fab in Tainan, called Jin Hua Integrated Circuit, is accounted for to be on hold. Jin Hua is a jv amongst UMC and the […]