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Grandma Who Didn’t Order Pizza Gets Random Delivery. Her Face Was ‘Priceless’.

Life can get pretty hectic during a hurricane, as power outages, dangerous winds and flooding can cause massive destruction. The safety of your loved ones becomes a top priority, and you do everything in your power to make sure they are out of harm’s way. But, when your loved one is in the middle of the hurricane, and you are on the other side of the country, you have to get creative.

One Nebraska man’s grandmother was weathering Hurricane Mathew alone as the scary storm ripped through Florida. He wanted to make sure his grandma was safe, and ended up resorting to a unique way to check on her. After calling the police station and the sheriff’s office to see if they could perform a wellness check on his grandmother Claire Olsen, Eric Olsen was at his wits end. He kept receiving a busy signal from the authorities, and couldn’t get through to speak to anyone who could help.

Eric spoke to Claire on the phone Friday morning, when the 87-year-old told her grandson the hurricane was ‘a nightmare.’ But, since the power had been out in Claire’s town of Palm Coast, Florida for two days, Eric was having trouble getting in touch with his grandmother since their last conversation. Eric’s Dad lives in South Dakota, and his sister lives in Los Angeles, so without any family nearby to check on Claire, Eric was getting more concerned.

After two days of not hearing anything from his grandma, the worried grandson made a plan. Without anyone else to call, he decided to call Papa John’s of Palm Coast and deliver a pizza to his grandma. But, this wasn’t like a normal pizza delivery. The delivery man, Lance Tyler, says that he received a unique set of directions from Eric. There were “Special Instructions” printed on the box that told him exactly what he needed to do.

When Eric called to make the order, he instructed Lance to call him as he reached his grandma’s house. The storm had just subsided, and some businesses in the community were back up and running. So on Sunday, two days after hearing from her grandson, Claire gets a knock on her door.

“This pizza delivery guy comes in and said ‘your grandson is on the telephone he wants to see how you are’ and Papa John’s delivered a pizza to me.”

To say that Claire was stunned is an understatement, as the grandmother was not expecting anyone to knock on her door — especially a pizza delivery man. She soon discovered it was her grandson Eric that sent the pizza, along with the special instructions to make sure she was okay.

Eric was relieved to know that his beloved grandmother was safe and well, and that her house wasn’t damaged from the storm. As for the pizza, Eric ordered pepperoni for his grandma, who says the unexpected meal was delicious.

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From across the country, it’s evident that Claire’s grandson did everything he could to make sure she was okay during Hurricane Matthew. Eric’s creativity and determination paid off, and he was beyond relieved to know that his grandmother made it through the storm safely.