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Is This What the Google Pixel 3 Will Look Like?

The Pixel 3 may have a full screen display
The smartphone may not have a display notch
The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL may launch in October

As the tradition goes, Google is anticipated to launch its next Pixel flagships in October, alongside the commercial rollout of Android P. A recent AOSP code commit let out that Google is indeed naming its next flagship as Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL. Now, a placeholder image detailing features in the Android P developer beta gives us possible clues of what the next Google flagship may look like. Looking at the placeholder, it seems that Google is going the no-bezel way as well. The sketch shows a phone that has no bezel whatsoever, not even the display notch at the top or a thin chin at the bottom.

The placeholder image found on SlashLeaks, details features inside Android P developer beta, and it shows a sketch of a smartphone that has no bezels whatsoever. There is no chin at the bottom, or a display notch at the top either. Ever since the iPhone X, various Android smartphone manufacturers have taken inspiration from Apple to introduce their own flagships with a similar notch display. Vivo is expected to launch the Apex smartphone on June 12 and its USP is that it has no bezels whatsoever, and the smartphone comes with a pop-up front camera for selfies. Lenovo is also teasing a new smartphone called Lenovo Z5 slated to launch on June 14, and teasers claim that device won’t have any chin whatsoever.

If this placeholder holds any weight, then Google is going the same way. How it manages to house the selfie camera, earpiece, and sensors including the ambient light and proximity sensor will be interesting to see. We obviously suggest that you take this leak with a large pinch of salt, as this placeholder could just be for representational purposes only, and the Pixel 3 could sport a completely different design – including a notch, after all, Android P natively supports it.