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Traditional marketing isn’t enough, go digital

Every day, people consume an increasing amount of digital content – which means that it’s not enough to market your business offline; you need to have a digital marketing strategy as well. If you think you don’t need digital marketing, you might change your mind after hearing of some of its unique advantages over traditional marketing activities.

What is digital marketing?

The term ‘digital marketing’ includes all forms of online marketing, such as a website, a blog, social media, email marketing, online videos etc. It is very important to have some sort of online presence, as many people believe that digital marketing will soon completely replace the more traditional forms of promotion. There are many benefits that will almost certainly help you to grow your business.


Digital marketing is more affordable than traditional forms of promotion, for example, advertisements on TV, which means that smaller businesses (that don’t have many resources or a big budget) have a better chance at standing out in the online community. Email campaigns, or using social media channels to reach new customers, are not only much cheaper but they are also likely to reach a more relevant audience and therefore, help you in acquiring new clients.

Connect with Customers Directly

Using digital marketing gives you a chance to interact with both existing and potential customers, answer questions, resolve problems and earn people’s trust (and business). This also means that you can get feedback almost immediately, so it’s easy to measure how effective your marketing campaign is and what changes you need to make to improve.

Increased Conversions and Higher Revenue

Digital marketing gives you a better chance at conversion optimisation, as you can easily measure the rate of incoming traffic that gets converted into leads, subscribers, and sales. Using tools such as search engine optimisation or localising your landing page URL can generate an increased conversion rate, which also means better and higher revenues for your business. According to a study by Google in 2013, companies using digital marketing strategies have 2.8 times better revenue expectancy to those who don’t.

Build Brand Reputation

Through digital marketing, you can develop a good relationship with your target audience, increasing the number of paying customers who will revisit your site regularly. By cultivating a symbiotic relationship with your customers, a natural word-of-mouth buzz and recommendations begin to form which in turn will spread wider presenting an underlying additional marketing dimension all stemming from a little bit of effort in the digital realm.

Even though digital marketing is very important in today’s business environment, few people are fully qualified for the online market. There is currently a huge talent gap in digital marketing; according to a study by OMI (Online Marketing Institute). A 29% gap in mobile marketing needs and a 37% gap in analytics understanding mean that digital marketing training is a must now for businesses.

Professional Academy offers Digital Marketing qualifications available for everyone to get you up to scratch with your online knowledge.

Companies need to hire more digital talent, presenting a future in which there will be even more career opportunities in this industry for the taking. In this aspect the sector is still evolving, drawing in an increasingly talented pool of professionals whilst slowly claiming its spot as the most effective method of marketing available.