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Get Korean Fashion in your Wardrobe

Get Korean Fashion in your Wardrobe

Fashion is a dynamic concept as it various from country to country depending upon country’s climate and culture. Now-a-days, Asian fashion is spreading across the globe and Asian designers are reaching out for international markets. Mostly these fashion styles are mix and match of tradition and contemporary fashion.

Korean fashion is trendy and is supported by a great legendary history, yet it is restricted in a lot of ways. Conventional Korean fabrics give a tough fight to other cloth materials. Korean designers often believe in experimenting only with old authentic fashion and do not like going out of the way to change their identity. Here are some latest Korean fashionable looks:

  • Preppy Look: A polished and clean look, which is practiced by cloth layering, like buttoned shirt layered by bow ties and bejeweled collars.
  • Clear Sheer: In summers, dress up fashionably in clothes made up of sheer fabric.
  • Cardigans and Jackets: This is the rock and roll fashion, which involves wearing studded cardigans and jackets.
  • Princess and floral dresses: Soft and bright colored frilly, ruffled and floral dresses look cute on young Korean girls.
  • 80’s funk: Korean fashion is perfect for 80’s look. One can choose bold printed tees, harem pants and colorful sunglasses to get the look.

To be summed up, Korea’s style and fashion, is similar to what people would wear in other cultures, but with more layering and color mixing. So be creative, mix and match clothes in your wardrobe to get the perfect Korean pop look.

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