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How to wear a tunic dress

How to wear a tunic dress

The tunic dress is one of the most flexible fashion option and it will be comfortable and flattering, if you wear it correctly. The tunic dress can be worn during many seasons and can be paired with bare legs and even sandals or with leggings.

  1. A belted tunic will give a pretty hourglass shape if you have a defined waistline. Any tunic dress can be worn along with a belt; however there is a particular style about basic solid-colored tunic that is worn along with a belt over leggings.2. A ruched tunic style has fold formations on the area of the waistline thus hiding heavy waists and back.3. A flowing tunic gives a romantic look and requires a delicate gauzy material and pretty prints. Few dresses of this kind have defined waistline to flatter the body, however we can slim them down by wearing a belt.4. A bohemian styled tunics are quite casual and can be worn during travelling. These types of dresses are much more comfortable and very easy to wear with loose waistlines and a wide flowing sleeve.5. A fitted tunic dress is mostly made of a knit fabric which are little body conscious than its free-flowing variants. This type of tunic dress will be more flattering on the curvy Hourglass figures. Belts may not be used for a sophisticated look.

Basic rules: Pair a loose tunic should be worn with slender bottoms or straight or skinny jeans, not flared or baggy.

A more fitted tunic can go nicely with a boot cut pant.

Shorts can be worn also, but make sure it is visible.

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