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Look elegant with a vintage dress

Look elegant with a vintage dress

Vintage dresses are very common nowadays, in fact vintage clothing has never been popular as it is today. This is brought by the fact that one has over a hundred years to choose from so rest assured there is that dress that every lady looks elegant in. In this article, I will highlight some ways you can look elegant in a vintage dress.

A vintage dress is recognized as any dress made in the 1980’s or earlier therefore there are lots of dresses to choose from in the vintage category. One way to ensure that you get a really good look in your dress is to mix and match vintage with modern. This can be done through addition of modern accessories and hairstyles. Dressing in vintage doesn’t necessarily mean that your dress has to be in in big pieces, a dress can be modernized then worn with a vintage scarf or piece of jewellery. One should avoid wearing a dress that is in poor condition that is if it has stains, visible damage or missing parts.

Be on the look for vintage dresses that can be easily accessorized. This means that dresses with too many adornments are not appropriate for regular wear. Vintage dresses that are solid coloured , have mild print or are in good quality fabric can be worn with boots, flats, sandals or a brimmed hat and some pieces of modern jewellery. This will ensure that whenever you are wearing your vintage dress of choice, you look elegant.

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