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Making Sequin Cardigan Your Statement Piece

Making Sequin Cardigan Your Statement Piece

Got your new sequin cardigan? Great! It is one of the top fashion wear that must not be ignored. You care for fashion and style, get the top best trends in market and enjoy being the talk of the town. Now with your new cardigan you have to make sure that you team it rightly with other clothes of yours. Do not go random with your choice of pants and shirt or heels and socks, after all it is a lovely glittery cardigan that can represent you like a queen or better say like a celebrity.

Contrasting the colors with your inner shirt is the first thing you should do while picking the clothes from the wardrobe. If you team your black cardigan with white or pink or yellow or any other shade that is available with you in a good shape shirt, you can make your cardigan look striking. Do not go for collars. They are not going to make the matter any better but may be eclipse the neckline of your top.

For looking amazing in your golden sequin cardigan, match it with a black shirt and pants. This is a top best combination and makes your cardigan a statement piece. These sparkling tops turn the heads to you wherever you go.  So, be careful in choosing your combination of colors and styles because you want to retain the appreciative impression in the admiring eyes and not spoil it. Bold colors like black, golden and red in sequin team best with other bold yet light shades but silver is a cool style sequin, so team it accordingly.

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