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Style and class -high waisted pants

Style and class -high waisted pants

High waisted pants are always in fashion. One can stay ahead in fashion and look stylish with these flattering pants. There is quite a difference between high rise pants and high waisted pants. There are exclusive varieties of high waisted pants that are available. Styles such as joggers and booted high waist styles can never go wrong.

Patterns and designs available in high waisted pants

  • Smokin prints
  • Floral prints
  • Aztec
  • Dogtooth
  • Tartans
  • Geometric

High waisted pants look modern but needs to be carefully selected. One should pick up the appropriate pair of pants in order to avoid any accidents or look weird.

Tips for buying high waisted pants

  • Short women should avoid buying high waisted pants as they do not have a long torso and hence these pants would not look good on them.
  • Tall women having short legs but having a long torso can wear these pants to proportionate their figure.
  • High waisted pants look best at women with a flat stomach.
  • Women with wider hips will not be able to carry these pants gracefully. These pants should be avoided by them.

Styling tips to sport high waist pants

  • A dressy or a knit top looks good on high waist pants.
  • One should avoid wearing sweaters over these pants.
  • A top with an open cardigan style looks nice over high waist pants.
  • High heels, pumps or a nice pair of sandals can be sported with such pants.

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