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Your best go-to guide on bike shorts

Your best go-to guide on bike shorts

Picture yourself ready to ride on a bike. What accessories would you need apart from the bike itself for a smooth ride? A helmet, pretty essential. More please. Bike shorts, there you go. Bike shorts can be the most effective investment you’d ever do. Bike shorts would help you make those mile-round trips of cycling seem comfortable and fun.

Bike shorts are made often from the thin stretchy clothing material like Lycra or nylon saddled with a bit of cushioning on the rear end. Need a complete guide on bike shorts, we’ll help you out.

  • For road cycling
  • On a normal mile-high road cycling, you’d normally be needing single layered shorts to keep you cool. These further divide into two types as the ‘bib shorts’ and the ‘regular bib-less shorts’. Bib shorts come with supportive braces often recommended by cyclists. While the bib-less ones you wouldn’t have the shoulder straps.
  • For off-road cycling
  • There just the right shorts available for these high-octane mountain cycling. Double layered baggies are used for this purpose. These baggy shorts allows more comfort than the regular ones.
  • The making-material
  • Bike shorts are generally made up of different materials like nylon on the outside with stretchy materials on the in. The inner layer needs to support breathability and muscle movement. Look for the right material constituents.
  • The right padding

Every bike shorts come with padding in-sewed with it. The padding adds extra support while riding and protects your muscles. These can be single layered or heavily-padded ones.

Right there, there’s a well-worked out guideline for you on the bike shorts. There’s one last tip for you. Don’t wear your underwear with bike shorts especially cotton ones. It might take time getting comfortable to it but that’s the way to do it.

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