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A long cherished dream:

A long cherished dream:


Wedding is indeed a long cherished dream that everyone treasures in their heart for a lifetime. Finding a partner to share life along with its joys and sorrows is indeed a very special occasion to everyone. To look stunning on such a special occasion is indeed very important. Hence wedding dresses play a major role in beautifying the ceremony.

Everything, from colour of the dress to its design must be carefully selected. The dress must enhance the beauty of the bride or the groom. It must make them look special and stand apart from everyone else. Each dress must be unique, borrowing ideas is fine but there must be something in each dress that makes it different from other wedding dresses.

Brides mostly prefer bridal gowns of various colours (mostly white) whereas grooms usually wear suits. The bride’s dress must be matching with that of the groom’s or else the whole view of them standing together would become awkward.

All the jewellery and other accessories that they use, play an important role in making the couple look more dashing. The bouquet to hold is also very important; its colour must compliment that of the dress and its size must also be carefully chosen. Over sized bouquets are difficult to handle and at the same time they hinder the bride’s overall appearance.

Shoes are another important part of the dress. The heels should be chosen in such a way that the bride and the groom must match in terms of height. Smaller the difference in height better the duo looks together.

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