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Cleavage forming bra: balcony bra

Cleavage forming bra: balcony bra

Balcony bra also known as balconette bra is a bra that covers only the half or the three-quarter of the nipples and the lower side of the breast. It is designed in such a way that it designed in such a way that it pushes the breast from lower end and lifts the top half of the breast. Balcony bra is used to create the cleavage and is used to provide some lift to the breasts and gives a great appearance when carried in a low-cut shirt.

If the lady is in search for a bra that will give the natural as well as round shape with the wonderful and the beautiful deep cleavage, along with wide straps connected with a low-cut neckline then balcony bra is the best choice to go with. There should be no second thought for choosing a bra if one needs the above mentioned things. Balcony bra being the most suited bras for going out on a romantic hot date.

Balcony bra gives a perfectly nice and rounded cleavage and at the same time not covering the breast fully. Many a times, also named as half cup bra because it only covers the lower end of the breast and the nipples. This half cup bra is used for enhancing the look of the breasts. This is done by the bit of push given to the breast or through the padding applied in the design. Balcony bra, leaving the top of the breasts swell exposes for the sexy look, making the great bra for  cleavage.

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