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Corset top is a type of garment that is worn to just hold and fix the torso in the desired shape for the medical or the aesthetic purpose.  Corset top is worn by both the men and the women, but women wear it more often as compared to men. The corset tops are the mimic of the traditional corset that actually people used to wear in earlier times. Though boning and the lacing has been kept the same in the corset tops these days just to imitate the historical style of the corset that was in trend in those days.

The genuine corset tops are made up of corset maker and are fitted according the individual wear. The corset tops are well known and common for its feature of slimming the body and conforming the same by making it a fashionable silhouette. Women are always in demand for the curvy body and the reducing waist. Beside this they always want exaggerating busts and the hips. Corset  tops provide the same look to the figure creating the reduced waist and the exaggerated bust as well as the hip. Whereas at many a time corset tops are worn just to achieve the tubular straight the perfect up and done shape that involves minimization of bust and hips. In case of men, they are basically used for the slimming purpose.  Corsets are even worn by the ladies under the ball gowns just to provide a base to the gown and a perfect figure to the body too.

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