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Easy steps on wearing a flannel shirts

Easy steps on wearing a flannel shirts

Flannel shirts when mentioned often bring in mind a picture of loggers hard at their work or a grunge groupie enjoying their favourite work. This is proof that flannel shirts are really convertible and can be worn for almost any occasion with a bit of styling. Let us look at some easy step to ensure that you are looking elegant in your shirt.

One way is to start out simple, rather than dressing in a shirt with too many details, just wear a plain flannel with your pair of pant then add to it lined up fur boots or a scarf. Another cool way to wear flannel shirts is to add a shirt over your top. This can be well achieved by wearing loose-fitting shirts that match the colour scheme of your flannel, the roll up the sleeves and also make sure that the colour is adjusted to finish your look.

Another way to dress in your flannel shirt is leaving your flannel unbuttoned over the top of a band t-shirt. When wearing in this style, ensure to stick to dark colours for a more classic look or just brighten it a bit to get a sophisticated look. Make your flannel fancy by wearing it with a dress or a skirt when on a night out. A patterned or detailed dress will do the trick here. You can also mix and match your flannel with florals and polka-dots but make sure that the colours are cohesive though.

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