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Ballet Heels – Ugly or Beautiful?

Ballet Heels – Ugly or Beautiful?

Ballet heels no wonder are the most beautiful & ugly shoes at a time. It is one of the contemporary styles of footwear which consisted of pointe shoe & high heels. It was introduced initially with an idea to put the body weight on the tip of the toes. It is designed to force the wearer to keep the foot in an en pointe ballet position. It will put all the force & pressure on the toe tip & can be painful. Ballet heels are not only meant for dancing. They can be used for different usage. However for prolonged walking or standing, it is definitely not preferred.

The ballet heels usually are 7 inches high. It is considered as the maximum height where the wearer would put all the weight on the toe tips & the ankle & toes will be fully pointed. Any heel height more than this may restrict the standing & would require another support. However, a French shoe designer has designed a ballet heel with 8 inches height! This was designed for helping English National Ballet by the fund raising charity auction.

The boot rise can go to any extent from knee high to thigh high. The selection comes with the choice of dress & type of shoe matching the dress style. The knee high boots are loved by many ladies. Thigh high boots must be designed to restrict the bending of knee. Very few ladies dare to go for thigh high heels.

Ballet shoes may come with different styles. The knee high & thigh high boots can come with zippers to give you comfort while donning & doffing off the shoes. The shoes also comes with other decorative items like lace which looks great & also serves the same purpose of providing comfort while wearing & removing. Other designs include sandals, mules, and Mary Janes, many of which have buckles.

Ballet heels however can give much discomfort especially to new users. Using such high heels require lot of practice. Even the standing or walking for short distance may be difficult for new users. The toes & ankles may give cramps & the experience can go well painful even after moments of wearing the heels. Certain new techniques & trainings are provided to professionals with the help of which they can carry the ballet heels with ease.

The discomfort & difficulty of walking or standing in ballet heels doesn’t make it usual footwear. You may think of trying these heels once for a while & do some experiment for giving a different look to your personality. However, you should not make such mistake as it may leave you with strong & painful experience. The ballet heels are surely not made for casual use & long hour walking or standing.

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