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Most comfortable women wedges

Most comfortable women wedges

Wedges are the kind of footwear that have a sole in the form of a wedge, in such a way that one piece normally the rubber serves both the sole and the heel. This kind of design came from the ancient Greece. Women’s wedges  are common and more often have the sole that is much thicker on the back side as compared to the front, making them a high- heeled pair of wedges.

Women’s wedges gain its popularity when introduced in the Italian market long back in 1930s by Salvatore Ferragamo. There are two types of wedges, one being the wedge heels and other being the wedge sandals. Wedge heels are somewhat like high  heels. In wedge heels there is no point of separation between the heel and the sole. It is a one piece footwear. While wedge sandals have almost the same type of heel as the wedge heel has, but in wedge sandals there is a more open space.

Wedges are considered as a perfect footwear if a woman is going out with her BFF for a brunch or had a plan with her girls to spend a long day with them. Wedges proves to be the pair of cutesy footwear that every woman should have. Wedges add height to your body frame and give a thumbs up to your stylish look too. Wedges providing the heel and platform all over under the feet give support to the heel of the leg and provides a firm grip too while walking. It is the most comfortable pair of heels that one would love to carry.

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