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Every Women’s classic fashion – Cardigans for women

Every Women’s classic fashion – Cardigans for women

Cardigan is not just a sweater but it is a highly accepted stylish wear for modern fashion. Cardigan has its origin hidden in 1800s but it is still a popular fashion item for today. It can be won with khakis or jeans or even can be worn with dresses and used as cover up with shorts. Cardigans are good choice for both men and women but man’s cardigans are usually known as Madigan. Cardigans can be made from any material but traditionally they are made from cotton or wool to protect from the cold. Cardigans can be worn over any shirt as twin set or as some people prefers, they can be worn as main piece of styling.

Cardigans are known as the ultimate throw o and go on type of wearable but it is necessary to take proper care and consider your styling to get the best out of your cardigan to get the best look of yours.

Cardigans that fits your shape 

For those who have full hips and thighs then the ideal cardigan style should be chosen which is hitting just below or above the hips. For those who choose to go long, asymmetrical draped style will suit the best. Another consideration criterion is the shoulder part and those who have broad shoulders should opt for embellishment. This will keep the eyes away from the shoulders and it should be paired with a thin body skimming knit which touches at the waist will create a beautiful hourglass figure which looks super attractive. Now it is time to give some idea to those who have large bust. Such people should choose a V-necks because that gives a slimming effect. And it is necessary to streamline it with your torso and for that a trim fit with a fine gauge knit will look great. Next one is for those who is having a tummy can choose cardigans with a straight cut design which is exactly opposite to the blouson shape which poufs out at the waistband. This type of cardigan should cover all midsection to make it look and suit you nicely.

Cardigans for women will look good if some additional elements are added into them. Such as using a ribbon or tucking them under the belt. One can even try a belt loopy. Other accessories that can be used are fuzz balls, snags and leaving some holes will be nice idea.

So even though cardigans for women are hundreds of years old and used as apparel long time ago but they are just as good as the old times with modern finishes. Cardigans suits well with the environment and it is perfectly great item to wear and look great no matter what type of body you have and what shapes you have, it will make you look beautiful.

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