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Ways to rock a high waisted skirt

Ways to rock a high waisted skirt

High waisted skirts are in fashion due to the comfort, class, and style, these bring with themselves. Wearing these in both casual and professional environment brings out the best. These look perfect on women of all age groups. However, there are a few key points to remember and follow while wearing these skirts –

  • Wear a top that fits perfectly to your upper body. Tuck the top in the high waisted skirt and be ready to flaunt off the style this top brings with it.
  • If you are planning to wear high waisted top to your office, you may do so with a buttoned shirt. Add a fitting blazer to complete the look and give you a professional look. Just make sure to select the colors that are suitable to wear in the office.
  • Experiment with strappy high heels and courtroom style heels to accentuate the beauty of these skirts. Avoid wearing flip-flops or other flat style shoes with these skirts. As the overall effect of these skirts is classy, flat ones do not work well with these. Wear heels of different designs and styles with these to get the best out of them.
  • These skirts have an inherent quality to attract focus on waistline; therefore, if you have a short torso then you should not wear these.
  • Women with heavy upper body should wear these skirts with loose fitting top, preferably made of flowing material. Do not keep the top out in any case. Keep this kind of top loosely tucked.

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