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Feel Sexy while wearing wedding shoes low heel

Feel Sexy while wearing wedding shoes low heel

A Wedding is a very special day for both bride and groom and both starts the preparation. The minute details are taken care off from the dress to hairstyle to the footwear of the bride. It should be stylish , fashionable ,but still comfortable enough to walk and wear it throughout the long wedding day. If you are confused what type of footwear to wear on your wedding day there are few points which need to be considered before buying any one:

General Styles: There are a variety of styles available in the market like pumps , heels , platforms , wedges , strappy design, etc. You need to choose your favorite design for your wedding day.

Heel Height: Heels of the footwear’s play an important role in decision making while buying a new pair of shoes. The heels range from flat to maximum seven inches. Choose the style of the shoes depending on your wedding venue, whether it is an outside or inside occasion and whether you are comfortable wearing heels for longer hours .Your height coordinated with your partners heights also plays a vital role in decision making. Are you going to wear only one pair of all ceremonies or going to change it at he time of reception.

Flats: Flat shoes are perfect for outdoor wedding locations where it is easy to walk on the soft soil. Outdoor themed wedding locations are very popular that is the reason manufacturers are designing variety of flat shoes for the buyers.

Tennis Shoes: If you are comfortable wearing shoes rather moving barefoot on the outdoor locations at reception ceremony an option best suited for you is tennis shoe. These are best suited and comfortable while dancing on the day.

Low Heel: If you are among those who are uncomfortable wearing both high heels and flats on the wedding day , wedding shoes low heel are the perfect choice for you. Wedding shoes low heel are available in various styles from a heel ranging from 1/2” to 1 3/4” inches.

High Heels: If you are comfortable walking in heels more than 3 inches then you have unlimited options available for you. If you want to do practice walking in high heel shoes you should buy it in advance few weeks before the wedding day , so that on the day you will be able to walk confidently and feel comfortable wearing it.

Shoe color needs to be chose coordinated perfectly with your wedding dress. You can check online stores other than nearby shopping market shops to get a huge range and variety of designs to choose from. Keep in mind about the fitting and comfort level irrespective of any style or any heel you choose.

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