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Flaunt your artistic sense through what you wear

Flaunt your artistic sense through what you wear

The term bohemian simply means living an unconventional plus artistic life with a hippie lifestyle.  Here bohemian clothing means is that you show your true self with what you are wearing that is the artist in you. It is basically just another category in fashion for a whole new set of outfits, another genre in simpler terms. In generic terms it involves of fluffy flower designed skirts or full outfits with the attempt to look nomadic and spiritual. These ladies who dress themselves into this style normally do not give two hoots to fashion and that is one of the reasons why they automatically look appealing.

Defining the genre

This genre basically gives away the freedom of a person’s motion and they automatically stand out from the mainstream crowd. Clothing which is more comfortable and made with soft natural fibers is way better than tight tops and tight jeans which make you move only in a certain way in the fear of damaging your expensive clothing. This comfortable and a more free way of dressing up your body involves blouses which are loose, maxi dresses, wavy or flowy skirts, wide necked shirts and even caftans.Patterns most commonly used are ethnic patterns on these soft fibers but are also available in a countless variety of other patterns and colors which are flared. With all the patterns, designs and colors, these also involve laces which are just like a finishing touch to the piece and finishing touches are the most important as they complete the piece with all the more beautiful to look at. Pants like Harem pants are one of the most popular pants in this genre of fashion accompanied with Gaucho pants for their flared style of clothing. One of the good things about this style is it allows the person adhering or cohering this style is that it gives you a lot of space for movement and it lets your movements be free and flawless. In the modern era, the style has improvised to pairing jeggings with a loose wide necked peasant blouse which is even more pleasant to look at.

Add ons

This set of fashion has one of the most creative elements in it. You can easily manipulate your look according to your mood or the demand of your occasion. This style has hats, hair do(s), shoes, handbags and many more items to accessorize yourself with. Hair do is mostly kept in a loose and a long way with a braid which is supposed to be messy and sometimes added on with a tight little braid just against your hairline which is mostly supposed to highlight the your face structure.

Other than dressing up, it involves your individual thinking and standing out with your interest in being artistic in any field of art.

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