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Footed pyjamas will give a snug and cozy feel

Footed pyjamas will give a snug and cozy feel

Footed pajamas are actually a woolen one piece romper set with feet and a hoodie for adults. This clothing item is unisex and usually made of fleece in bright colors and prints to keep you cuddly warm on really cold nights. There is a front zipper that goes down till the torso so it is quite comfortable getting in and out of footed pajamas. A couple of pockets are also incorporated in this garment for greater comfort.

These gorgeous footed pajamas come in matching sets for the whole family, like you can get the same print and color for your infant, toddler or kids, not to forget your pet too. These pajamas are ideal for a holiday when you just want to laze around the house or for bedtime and chilly nights. Footed pajamas come in all sizes so it is no big deal getting the right size. There is a large variety of designs ranging from checks to polka dots, cartoon prints and even a cheetah or tiger print. These adorable pajamas will give a soft and snuggly comfort throughout winters. Apart from the fleece or flannel footed pajamas cotton pajamas are also available that can be worn in summers or spring.

The best feature of such pajamas is that they are very easy to care for and can endure multiple machine washings but will still end up looking the same. Wearing footed pajamas will revive old memories and will take you back to your childhood.

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