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Things to remember while buying formal wear

Things to remember while buying formal wear

Today, we spend a precious amount of time in working. Every day, we spend minimum 8 hours in office and good 1-2 hours in commuting to the work place. Therefore it is really important to keep a variety of formal wears. Here, we have listed down a few tips to keep handy while buying formal wear:

  1. Comfort – The first rule of formal wear is that these must be comfortable. At work, distraction due to attire could lead to degraded performance. Hence, pick out a formal wear that moves with you, and does not cause discomfort. Definitely try before wearing.
  2. Variety – There are a lot of options in formal wear for both men and women. One may be tempted to try a different style. Keeping a variety of clothes in one’s closet is definitely an excellent idea. Changing your style every day can be refreshing and rejuvenating. Women may try pant-suits, formal suits with skirts, bodycon dresses with blazer, trousers with formal shirts. Men may try shirts of different fabrics with trousers, trousers with or without stripes, shirts with small or big checks, business suits. With the uprising of fashion, variety has increased tremendously. So, check out various options, and enjoy the attention of your colleagues.
  3. Colors Selection – This is the most important aspect of formal wear. Ensure that you select only subtle, soft, and elegant colors. Most appreciated colors in formal wear are black, gray, brown, white, and blue. But you may experiment with bottle green, red, orange, and other bright colors; however, learn to neutralize the brightness of these colors with subtle make-up and gray, brown or black pastel color blazers.

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