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Guide to wear a backless dress

Guide to wear a backless dress

Backless dresses are extremely classy and modern. Anything so classy, should be carried with class, or else, it loses its purpose. These dresses have ample front cover but most of the back, sometimes till the waist, lies bare to look daring and sexy. And there lies the problem! One needs to have proper accessories and also proper grooming to wear a backless dress.

Below we cover some areas which needs to be covered to get going.

Bra Support: The most challenging of all, is to wear a bra and at the same time hiding the straps.

  • Try low back bra, which have wraps around the stomach providing ample support.
  • For small bust profiles, self-adhesive silicone gel’ petals can be used over the nipples.
  • Stick-on silicone gel bras can also be used for wider coverage.

Skin conditioning: Smooth and glowing skin is much more pleasant to the eyes and in this case since the back is being showcased prior planning is important.

  • From couple of weeks prior to the d-day, scrub the back with shower gel and soft towel, to remove dead skin, every few days.
  • Acne scrub can be used on the back to remove pimples.
  • Every time after cleaning apply proper moisturizer to condition the skin.

Stay clear: Remove any distractions from the back.

  • Avoid accessories which encroach the back.
  • Style the hair, not to fall on the back. Top knot is commonly used.
  • Last but not the least, proper gait or posture can steer the onlookers crazy.

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