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The Asian bride in her Asian wedding dress

The Asian bride in her Asian wedding dress

There is a lot of work which goes on into getting the perfect wedding dress. Traditional Asian wedding dresses are hard to find. This may be a daunting task and something which would need to be searched all over the internet. The disadvantage however is that you may not find which fits you perfectly. You would also have to look at the different aspects like getting a seamstress who would be able to take the small abnormalities of the dress and fit to your body type. This would however take a toll on the bride and should be done much before the wedding date.

Interesting facts about the wedding dress

There are different facts that would be of interest for a Asian wedding dress. These are made from bright fabrics and most of the times the colors used are red. They want the gown to be bright and colorful. There is also a lot of embroidery and beading that goes into these dresses. They are most commonly worn by different women of Asian cultures. In most cases there would be an ornate head piece that covers the head and there is no veil which is involved. In different cultures it would be different kinds of clothes however they are all detailed very beautifully.

The kimono called Shiro-Maku

The Japanese bride usually wears a different kind of Kimono for the wedding. The white kimono with brocade design is worn during the ceremony and there is a kimono called uchikake which is worn during the reception. The other part is that the hair is done using different gold combs and they are then covered by a white colored head piece called tsuno kakushi. The covering of the gold comb is done to symbolize obedience.

The Chinese Cheongsam

The Southern Chinese bride wears what is a red colored dress. This would be as bright red as possible and is supposed to symbolize good luck. This is a two piece gown. The gown is embroidered with shapes of phoenix and dragons. They are mostly made with gold threads and the skirt and jacket has a gold trim. The dress would also have a crown for the bride. This crown would be made with fabric and has beading done. They are at most of the times the most expensive part of the gown. This is one of the best Asian wedding dresses.

The Jeogori and Chima

This is one of the Korean form of wedding gown. This has a short jacket and long sleeves. This is a wrap-around skirt which most of the time would be worn high waisted. They are worn in silk boat shaped boots with white socks.

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