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How to get an authentic grunge fashion inspired look

How to get an authentic grunge fashion inspired look

Grunge fashion, highly inspired by Grunge music, is a most sought after – and yet much debated – look in fashion world. If you are a Nirvana fan, you already know plenty about this look.  This style screams out ‘don’t care’ attitude. If you wish to try this style, you must go through the list mentioned below:

  1. Messy Style – Grunge fashion demands a messy style. While trying this look, you must not only carry the clothes. If you cannot leave the house ungroomed, then this is not the style for you. Carry ‘I don’t care about what others think of me’ attitude with yourself. Let your hair be messy. Do not groom the beard. Just enjoy the unkempt freedom of grunge fashion.
  2. Explore thrift stores – The best place to find clothes suitable for grunge style are found in thrift stores. Thrift stores have the collection of denims that may be faded and ripped easily. Both these qualities are inherent characteristics of the grunge fashion.
  3. Purchase Flannel – Big, baggy flannel on top of black t-shirts is the signature style of this stream of fashion. Girls can complete the look by wearing an oversized flannel on a mini skirt with chunky boots.
  4. Ripped Faded Denims – Although one may purchase ripped denims, the authentic grunge style requires that you rip denims by yourself. Invest in faded denims, and then rip them. Flaunt your sense of this fashion by wearing ripped and faded denim shorts in summer.
  5. Accessorize – Add layers, wear a non-bright beanie, faded bandana, leather bracelets, non-shiny earrings, stockings with holes scattered all over them. In addition, girls can try wearing very heavy black eye liner, mascara, and then smudge it. This will oomph your grunge style.

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