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Accessorizing a blue dress

Accessorizing a blue dress

Blue dresses are always a great choice when one wants to make a true fashion statement. Whether going to work or heading out for an evening you can always wear a blue dress. But then, it’s challenging on choosing what accessories to wear with your blue dress especially for an inexperienced wearer.

Elegant blue cocktail dresses have been noted to look fabulous with metallic accessories in gold, silver or even gunmetal. This can be achieved by wearing strappy gold sandals, gold cuff bracelets or a silver clutch purse. To get an elegant office look, you can wear your blue dress with an opaque black hose, black pumps and just an understated silver jewellery.

On a casual day, wear your dress with a colourful scarf or you can top it up with cardigan in another shade of blue, such as navy. Wear comfortable black or nude ballet flats then carry an oversized neutral-coloured handbag to complete this look. For makeup, go for a minimal approach because blue dresses always grab attention and putting on too much makeup might make you look like a crown which not your intention at all.

When choosing jewellery for your blue dress, you can go for simple jewellery or create a colour block effect with contrasting jewellery but remember the key to picking the right jewellery is to remember that the blue dress itself is a statement piece meaning that you should just use understated pieces when opting for metallic jewellery and really look elegant in your blue dress.

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