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Lace dresses through the eye of the world

Lace dresses through the eye of the world

From the west where lace is western used [especially among women] down to Africa where majority of the locals use lace to make traditional customs, lace enjoys a rave of review. Also, for most western and Christian weddings, lace dresses or a gown mixed with lace materials are often used. Although not generally accepted, lace dresses are ideal for a summer day out- this is due to the fact that they are made of lightweight fabric.

Lace dresses exist in various types and styles but all these types are united by the uniqueness of the fabric- its openness and delicate nature.


One virtue that the designer must keep at the back of her mind when sewing a lace dress is modesty. Lace dresses can be sewn with a soft fabric of similar colour or one that creates a mild and lovely contrast.

Lace dresses are best made to have a fitting bodice and a free flowing skirt section from the waistline. Opinions and taste might differ though as some ladies might just like it fitted all through. These dresses exude classic elegance from the ladies who adorn them.

Unique styles of lace dresses around the world

LACE DRESSES are the choice event gracing attire for ladies world over:

  • With these French styles on display, Nigerian ladies do tend to cherish their lace outfit long [with some slit-through to complement]:


  • Korean girls have got a unique mix here:


  • Western ladies will never ‘sheath their fashion sword’:


  • And down the aisle? Wedding gowns can only get more glamorous with lace on it. Her majesty, Kate Middleton has got something for you: bridalmusings

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