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Bucket hats: hate or love?

Bucket hats: hate or love?

The use ‘bucket hats’ in contemporary time [the name sound somewhat weird, I must confess] is yet one of the ways old trends have been revived- some old wine in new skin?

The bucket hats (which is also called ‘session hats’ or ‘fisherman’s hats’) have been around since 1900- its origin can be traced back to Ireland where it was traditionally worn by Irish farmers- but never got trendy until the 1960s and its use has taken a surge since then.

Why the names?

The reason why it is called BUCKET HATS might not be out rightly known but that it is called ‘Fisherman’s hat’ evolved from the fact that the hat is frequently worn by fishermen while on duty. The BUCKET HAT has been given different names in different countries- the naming based on something or someone that is significantly linked to it (the hat).

It’s USE

The BUCKET HAT can be casually and aesthetically worn by both ladies and men.

It is used by the military men, fishermen and glider pilots [probably] as a means of sun protection with the brim being in a straight position. Notably, the brim can also be folded upwards or left to flow downwards.

Some individuals do think that the use of bucket hats among folks seem to have some ‘bad boy’ mien to it- this might not be unrelated to the characters portrayed by some who use the hat- but is it about the hat or the innate tendency to be bad?- no conclusion drawn here, yet.

Nonetheless, the use of bucket hats by celebrities like Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, Rick Ross, and Diddy…will continually push BUCKET HATS into the face of the world and by this, milliners might just not be able to resist the temptation of churning out more fascinating designs.

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