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Maaji swimwear brand

Maaji swimwear brand

Maaji swimwear is the swimwear of the rapidly expanding brand called Maaji and is currently present in forty five nations of the world. The company started by sisters Manuela and Amalia Sierra of Colombia is known for its unique and inventive creations. These out of the world items of clothing are a result of the efforts of a dedicated and creative team of designers, pattern developers and garment manufacturers. They are consistently improvising and striving to make their items more desirable, stylish and comfortable. They use different mix of varied materials, textures and prints in their items and the graphics usually used by them in the clothings such as aquatic animals, shells, corals and other underwater concepts make them unique.


Let’s have a look at the different types of Maaji swimwear. Cerulean Bauhaus swimwear, Cerulean Atelier, Cerulean Nouveau, Tropic Cubism, Denim Collage, Maaji ‘Rad Packers’ bikini bottom, Maaji ‘Violet trails’ bikini bottoms, Spearmint Crossroads, Balsam Roads and Lace, Maaji ‘ My favourite route’ one piece swimsuit, Key Lime Ride, Forest Folk, Maaji Whimsical highway, Maaji beated bikini top, Laurie Safari, Sapphire Ferries, Tassels and Tiles, On The Road, Gypsy Surfer, Lace Valley, Floral landscape, Graphite Ferries, Pitch Blue Timbers, Floral Traces, Flamingo Shortcut, Welcoming Cartagena, Blush Sundown, Blush Berry, Utopia visitor, Cross Country, Firefly Stream, Road To Nowhere, Lime Lodge and Citrus Pony Express.

These are the different names given by the company to their swimwears with different designs, prints and colours. Maaji swimwear can be bought from different online stores.

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