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How to get the best stetson hats

How to get the best stetson hats

Stetson hats have been popular for long and if you are contemplating buying one, this guide will help you choose a perfect one. Some of the hats available in the market today still maintain the old fashion style with a few exceptions. To get the perfect one consider the following points;

  • Choose the right style-in order to get the right style, consider the purpose for buying the hat. As a general guide, the bigger the person the bigger the hat. Big in this case refers to the width and not height. Men who have broad shoulders should wear a broad brim since a small brim will look out of place for them. Furthermore, those men who have a thick neck and a big chest should choose a bigger hat. Slim fellows should get small hats.
  • Get the right felt-in order to get the right one you have to know the use of the hat as well. Factors to be considered include; how much rain is received in your area, how hot it will be, how bright it is, whether it will be used for horseback riding, camping adventures, and many others. Stetson hats come in three kinds to choose from, namely; buffalo felt, authentic beaver felt, and Panama straw hats. Each one of these has its pros and cons.
  • Size and shape-you should choose the right size. The hat should fit perfectly all around the head and should not allow a finger tip to fit between your skull and the band. The hat should also have the correct shape and if not, use some hot steam to reshape the hat.

You can get perfectly-fitting Stetson hats by following these simple tips.

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