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Purchase a pair of jeans for men

Purchase a pair of jeans for men

Jeans – the one stop solution to man’s clothing problem. They are perfect for everything, be it grocery shopping or for hanging out with friends, pair it with a formal shirt and one will have a semi formal outfit and if one pairs it with sneakers and a T-shirt, one has the perfect outfit for fun and play.

Jeans for men have now become a part of one’s psyche. The kind of jeans one wears defines the personality of the person. They are one of the most versatile things a man could possibly have in his closet. One can wear it to work or wear it to a party, literally by pairing it with whatever is available in his closet. When we talk about jeans for men, we know that there exists an array of options. One can either pick ripped jeans or straight fit, clean or hipster, architectural or creative – whatever the need be!

With the price of jeans, especially men, going down because of the demand, 25% of a man’s wardrobe is more or less comprised of jeans. However, brands are very strategic when it comes to marketing, branding and retailing of jeans. For example, if one talks about Levi’s, one instantly thinks about the unique fit that it offers. Similarly, Pepe almost inadvertently translates into comfort.

One of the things that are in demand is the distressed pair of jeans – the pair with the washed, used look, because it defines the rugged man. Some men even prefer going through the distressing process themselves even through it takes about 3 years of heavy usage to properly distress a pair of jeans because they believe that the jeans tells their story.

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