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How to exude class with oxford shoes?

How to exude class with oxford shoes?

There goes an old saying that you judge a man by his shoes. Shoes reflect the true personality of a man. An amazing suit would look tarnish without a good shoe, wouldn’t they? A smart man would always have a pair of Oxford shoes with him.  Deriving its name from the histories at Oxford University, It’s minimalist yet subtle look oozes class. Remember a quote, ‘a man with Oxford shoes is a man with dignity’.

We here give you a rundown on how to exude class with these Oxford shoes.

  • Strictly formal-wear
  • Oxford shoes are best paired with tuxedo or a suit. It’s strictly formal and you do need to respect that. Pair up your Oxford with shirts and khakis or just simply shirts and pants. But never ever think of jeans or shorts with Oxford shoes. Don’t you ever dare!
  • Get the size right
  • A good fit goes a long way in exuding class to your dress code. Always get the perfect fit for your shoe. Don’t be lazy to choose a size smaller or bigger if the store doesn’t have your size. Try another one of shops.
  • Look for comfortable ones
  • Comfort should be high on your priority list. If a shoe has to click, it clicks right away. Don’t be bluffed in buying the flashy but uncomfortable piece. You won’t want your feet to suffer from bruises. A comfortable shoe helps your personality brim with grace.

That’s all from us on these quintessential piece of classic closed-lacing shoes. Do follow upon these niches and add finesse to your personality.

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