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The grey suit: right suit for an interview

The grey suit: right suit for an interview

If this was your first interview, the rules would be the same if you are doing an interview for the 10th time. The most important thing is that you need to wear a suit. This would be the most appropriate look for any interview. The best color and the most universal one is a grey suit. Well you would need to know how to change your look from a regular work day to an interview. You need to make sure you look for something which is classic and at the same time conservative. You should make sure that you do not wear a suit which is what we call as fad. There is no room for something which is in current style or if it over the top. This would be a very formal occasion and you need to keep your sit formal as well.

Fit of the grey suit

There are different ways in which you can choose a suit that looks good on you. The first aspect that you should remember is the fit. For you to be able to look comfortable and classy you need a suit that fits you well. A perfectly fitting suit would help keep things good throughout the interview. This is also where choosing a color is important. Most people prefer the grey suit. This is the color which would allow you the freedom to look good and comfortable. This is also a color which allows you to blend in. You don’t need to buy a box suit. Any comfortable suit in the blending shade would be a good option. Never look as if you have squeezed into a garment or look like you have borrowed a suit which too big for you. The key to looking good and snappy dressed would be a perfect fit.

The interview suit

We have looked at how a grey colored suit would be perfect and same way the other colors are navy blue. The charcoal grey however trumps the choice as it looks a lot softer on the wearer. Wear a grey suit with a dark colored sock and tie; this would give it just the right accentuates for the same. Never match this outfit with a same colored shoe. If you are wearing a dark colored suit, wear a lighter shade in shoes, however if you are looking at a lighter colored suit then go for something which is darker, however it is best to avoid blacks. Even though we have said it is okay to wear dark suits, but best would be to stick to the grey shades.

Accessorize them correctly and you have a suit that looks good for all the different types of interviews.

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