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Wear a pair of Stilettos shoes to look sexy

Wear a pair of Stilettos shoes to look sexy

Heels are essential of every woman footwear collection and especially Stiletto heel which is in trends for some time. It is the highest heel form for women and thinner than spike heels. These are not only unique in height, but also narrow in diameter.

History of Heels:

These heels exist in fashion since 1800 are being designed by Andre Perugia. Over the time it became a fetish item of fashion and helped in improving the looks and height of women. The stiletto heels are associated with the image of Femur fatale and considered seductive and sexy an essential of women’s clothing items. These are the perfect pair of shoes with any type of dress which will give you an attractive look .These heels are found in various colors, designs and heel heights so depending on your comfort you can choose any one out of it.

The meaning of Stiletto is knife and that is the reason the shape of the heel is in the form of a sharp and thin knife. The heels are made up of steel metal or any other solid metal which provides strength to the footwear. While buying a pair of stilettos shoes you need to be aware of the plastic molded heel, which will not be durable and comfortable to wear. Be cautious while choosing the heels from the given options.

You need to check the comfort level of the stilettos because if the heels are not comfortable to you will not be able to wear it for longer hours and walk wearing it. It has some harmful consequences if you are wearing stilettos shoes which are not comfortable to you. It is a perfect wear for any type of occasion. If you are comfortable to carry them throughout the day you can wear it with formal wear or you can team it with an evening gown for parties at night.

The stilettos are available in various shades and designs which can be perfectly coordinated with your dress for any particular occasion. It will be available in every shoe store or you can check online stores to get a huge range to select. Check latest fashion magazines to get an idea about the latest design in trends nowadays.

Various online sellers and manufacturers provide great offers and discounts to the internet buyers. You will get your branded pair of stilettos at reasonable prices in comparison to the retail outlets. Compare the various designs available on the different websites and chose the best one suited for you. Check the details of the sellers also as they should be experienced enough to design comfortable stilettos for the buyers.The item will be delivered at your doorstep at your convenient time.

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