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The white shirt: speaks a lot

The white shirt: speaks a lot

It is that time of the year again. This means that everything is sunny and bright and colorful. This is the right time for people to go ahead and make the different choices on clothing. In summer and during spring the clothing color is the most important factor. This is the time people would prefer the look of a white shirt, especially to work. We are looking at how this simple white clothing can transform the look of a women’s wardrobe from chic to subtle and factoid. There are different things which you should keep in mind when choosing the white shirt.

Sharon stone and the white shirt

This was one of the most iconic moments in the Oscar history. Sharon Stone came dressed in a white shirt which belonged to her boyfriend and paired it with a silver colored skirt. This was a button open shirt and with that there was a dark silver colored skirt. She looked absolutely fabulous in this white shirt and skirt combination. She showed the world then that people can pair shirts which they can borrow from their boyfriends and husband’s and still look very stylish and chic. The combination was quite intense and this was one of the most talked about clothes of the Oscars. The skirt was by Vera Wang and the shirt was from Gap. That’s what we call celebrity fashion.

Where to wear the white shirt

Many people believe that a white shirt is a man’s domain; however this is far from the actual truth. Doesn’t matter if you have an interview to attend or a date, shirts are one of the great ways to look sexy and professional at the same time. There are of course a large variety of white shirts that you can choose from. This basically means that there is something for everyone in the field of white shirt. There are different shades of whites as well if you are not a person who likes wearing whitey whites. Shirts have mostly been a domain for men and for women they prefer shirt in pastels and other colors. However you should try white and you would be surprised how you look.

The white shirt can be something that you rely on at all times of need. It need not be a formal look at all. You can even carry off a casual look with a white shirt. Just pair your jeans with white shirt and you would look good.  This is a no fuss look and you would be good to go. If you are buying a white shirt don’t buy from women’s clothing line, buy from the men’s section as that would look much more sexier on a women.

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