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From regular, basic jeans to ripped skinny jeans

From regular, basic jeans to ripped skinny jeans

Wearing regular normal fit jeans is tending to become old school. The current trend is to show off your ripped skinny jeans.  These jeans are a little different than the regular ones, such that these have certain portions literally torn out from the jeans, to give it an extraordinary look. Unlike normal jeans, ripped skinny jeans can in no time change your whole look and transform an ordinary looking jeans into something very stylish, modern and chic.

Although buying such jeans can be quite expensive sometimes, you can now very easily make your own pair of ripped skinny jeans. All you will need are a few essential steps and then you are ready to flaunt those stylish jeans everywhere you go!

You will firstly need to choose a well fitted pair of jeans and then gather supplies that will help you to actually rip your jeans, anything sharp will suffice. Then you will just need to pick a spot where you want to rip. After which, you spread your jeans on a flat surface, and give it a good rub with sandpaper to thin out the area where you want to rip.  You will need to loosen the fabric a little more. Then you can make holes using a knife or a scissor. Make sure that you rip across the body not up or down, this will give your ripped skinny jeans a very a more natural look. Just follow these simple steps and you are all good to go!

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