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Womens gym wear turning into athleisure

Womens gym wear turning into athleisure

Before hitting the fitness track, hitting the fitness wardrobe is more important and should be done before hand. Gym wear has marked up the countless new trends in the recent years and hence almost every retailer expanded the gym wear lineup. Womens gym wear now has been designed in such a manner that it serves the purpose of athleisure, which means such a wear that serves both the purpose of athlete (gym) and at the same time is a leisure cloth too.

Few of them are as lululemon, that are a huge range of shorts or pants, sport bras or tank tops made especially for the yogis and runners, and for making it athleisure they directly went for the Capri length legging and the jogging top that is loose at the bottom and fit at the top. Such athlete’s wear goes right from the gym classes to winter sports wear. Also, it is available in a number of hues for women like black, navy and coral with some seasonal prints on it. The fabric is un-stinkable which make it of antimicrobial quality.

Gapfit has been the most appropriate gym wear for women from all time having all the essentials for a stylish wear as well as being the perfect gym wardrobe. It comes as leggings in solid base with the breathable tops, low or medium sport bras available for outdoor exercises. Nike being the most perfect for consistently churning out with the maximum styles and colors for the gym wear. They really cannot be beaten at any point whether its functional or being stylish.

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