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Every wardrobe staple: womens jeans

Every wardrobe staple: womens jeans

Women jeans come up in every shape and size ranging from skinny, boot-cut, flared, straight leg, slim fit to high waisted and much more in line. But finding a pair of jeans that is perfectly fitting for the women is like a holy grail. Jeans are a staple that one can find in almost every wardrobe and we spend a lot of time for finding a perfect pair for us. Jeans have become a particularly difficult staple for women.

They are 80% influenced by the fashion and the look in the season’s style not keeping the priority what suits the shape of the body. Skinny jeans have made the task of choosing a pair much more difficult as they need a snug fitting and comfortable at the same time. A few points that should be there in every mind while choosing the perfect jeans for women goes in few points.Measurement of waist and the inseam before going out marks the first step.

Waist, lop hip and medium hip, near belly button rise levels should be well measured before selecting the jeans. Knowing the cut level comes the second step. Few cut levels are as flares, bootcut,  wide legs, which are similar to flares, straight leg jeans, skinny jeans, relaxed or body fitted. Choosing the best according to the taste is the second step. And then if you are having a short torso opt for low rise or even the middle rise. But having just the opposite go for high waist as extra weight on hips, buttocks or stomach with a low rise jeans will give an unflattering muffin top above the waistband. And lastly, if choosing a skinny fit, go for one size smaller.

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