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Boot socks: Not just socks but a splash in fashion

Boot socks: Not just socks but a splash in fashion

Boot socks are basically meant for women who are fond of wearing boots. They are available in different types of material like thick woolen knit, laced, simple knit etc. Showing a little bit of knitted socks above your boots gives a playful look. They keep you cozy and dry and also make a style statement for you. Yes indeed they serve the function as well as fit for the fashion.

 They also look very cool with a loose one piece dress or a bohemian dress and with a cute hat on top, that’s the perfect look for an outing on a sunny day. A floral dress with some dark colored say black colored boot socks is also a good combination to be tried.

Lace-up ankle boots go very well with boot socks; they in a way complete each other. You can also portray a monochrome look with black boots and socks and complete black outfit. And on the other hand brown boots with black socks is an all time favorite combination to make it look classy. These socks may be striped, dotted, or plain in design and can be selected in line with the outfit you are going to wear.

One basic thing to be kept in mind while wearing boot socks is that they should be at least 1-2 inches above the boot, so choose the length of the sock in accordance with the boot. Just showing a little sliver of your socks is a fun way to add little intrigue to your outfit

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