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The chic and stylish bolero jacket

The chic and stylish bolero jacket

Have you ever wondered how you would want to make sure you have a complete wardrobe?  The best part is that there are many pieces of clothing which one can see these days, so how would one go about getting their wardrobe complete? Well we would go one piece at a time. Make sure when you are buying anything, you get the ones which are of the highest quality. This would ensure that they last longer. That way your wardrobe would not have any subtractions and only additions. Any wardrobe is incomplete without the addition of a jacket. All of this is very important to keep your clothing and style complete.

The short and sweet jacket

Have you see many people walking around with jackets which are very short in length, they usually only cover the upper torso and some don’t even cover as much. Well these are what is known as the bolero jackets. They are supposed to end half way down the torso, however every designer has his own interpretation. The most important part is the sleeves, most of these come with full sleeves or ones which are of 3/4th of length. Very few are there of course which do not have any sleeves.

The men’s jacket

This is also one of the famous jackets for men. However this is not famous for all men but only matadors. They are not comfortable for men to wear as it ends at the torso. Women love this style as it gives a sense of coverage while you can show off your curves and rest of the outfit. Most of the jackets which you see these days are ones which are an accentuation to the clothes that you are wearing. Like a jacket on a wedding gown. They would be made to look lacy and match the wedding gown.

Occasions of wearing the bolero jacket

There are many different occasions in which you can wear this kind of a jacket. It looks good for formal or informal occasions. The dress that you team up this jacket with is what determines the way in which people would interpret this piece of clothing. In most cases these days you can see that the bolero jacket is accentuate for a dress. Like a lacy dress would be accompanied by a silk or satin bolero to reduce the sheer show for the world.

There are different permutations and combinations you can use this jacket with. Some of the clever usage of this would be if you are heavy busted and the top usually tends to fall off from the sides. Team it up with a jacket and never have to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions.

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