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Classic Cape Coat for you

Classic Cape Coat for you

Dating back to the dark ages, the cape has been a staple of winter warmers, but has faded out of popular fashion sadly. However, it’s back with a brilliant vengeance right now, inspired by the cape-loving style of Vince Noir. The cape coat is an amazing alternative to a traditional coat or jacket, offering both versatility and comfort. They fit seamlessly with any look and can be paired with lots of different clothing options.

In such a coat armhole replace sleeves and offer more ease of movement, warmth and endless comfort. They are open on the front side, they somehow resemble ponchos, but are different. They either cover shoulder or are long. They are versatile, timeless and are available in a huge variety of material, styles and designs. These coats are considered to be unique and sophisticated.

Tips for Wearing Cape Coats

  • One can stand out from the rest of the crowd with this beautiful style of coat. It can be worn anywhere and everywhere. It’s a timeless piece of attire.
  • Avoid a layered one and keep your cape fitted and sleek. The better it fits, the perfect look one can achieve.
  • Wear it over knitted outfits and team it up with boots above knees. Or else one can go for a long, length coat with ankle or Oxford shoes.
  • Don’t forget to keep it streamlined and the silhouette must be balanced out while wearing these coats. Try not to overdo the look.
  • Don’t compromise on comfort and warmth.

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