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Fashionable and comfortable ballet flats

Fashionable and comfortable ballet flats

Ballet flats also known as dolly shoes are inspired originally from the soft ballet shoes. The shoes have very thin heels which usually appears like no heel at all. Ballet flats have styling which features ribbon around the low top. Ballet Flats are in existence since the 16th century and at that time men used to wear such type of similar shoe known as Pompes. So these used to be worn by both men and women in earlier centuries. But in 17th and 18th century, this ballet flats were pushed out of fashion by the new high heeled shoes.But ballet flats are now back in trend and they are popular among women a lot because of the comfort and easiness of this shoes.

Ballet flats are famous among girls and women of all the ages as it is a good footwear for all the occasions as a casual wear.Ballet flats have many benefits to the wearer in compare to high heels. High heels can cause long term upper and lower body pain while the ballet flats are comfortable and healthier.

Types of Ballet Flats

One type of this shoes is Sloop Ballet flats which is fuller on the top in compare to other ballet flats and these are very famous, stylish and highly comfortable to wearer. Another type is ballet flat with ruffles. Ruffles gives and extra special character to the shoes and makes them look more feminine. While some can choose ballet flats with bows as bows has a very girly look and hot favorite for teenager girls. While there are different option for ballet flats, but simple ballet flats are the best choice for every women. They are simple in design so you just need to choose the material and colour of your choice.

Wearable apparel with ballet flats 

Though Ballet flats are not so shiny and pimped like high heels, Ballet flats looks great when paired with a nice clothing. There are a few suggestions to pair your ballet flats with.Mostly skinny Jeans or short skirts or even leggings and formal trousers are good to pair with your bright and colorful ballet flats. However they are good to pair with summer dresses or long a-line skirts as well.

Ballets flats can be chosen for more than one reasons. As they are not so expensive to afford. They are available in different and beautiful designs and colours which makes them and keeps them trendy in all fashion. They match with so many different outfits which provides them versatility. They are known for comfort and flexibility and they are good for your formal wears as well. So now it’s your turn to go and find one of such comfortable and fashionable pair of ballet flats for yourself.

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