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Wear destroyed jeans for a rugged look

Wear destroyed jeans for a rugged look

Destroyed jeans or ripped jeans are jeans that have rips on the knees. They were quite popular about a couple of decades ago, but they still remain in fashion as they are still sold in the stores. Destroyed jeans can arise naturally due to the wear and tear of the jeans, but now jeans are purposely distressed by the suppliers and sold like hot cakes. Such destroyed, distressed and torn jeans come in all colors and styles, worn by both men and women. The colors could be the normal black, blue or dark grey and the styles could be the skinny or the tapered styles.

Destroyed jeans can be made at home if you are not willing to shell out money for a pair of designer distressed jeans. You can select a pair of your old worn out jeans that has seen a lot of wear and tear over time and the right color should be light or medium blue. Next you can mark the places where you want the distressing with a pencil or a washable pen. Work on your jeans by placing a wooden block between the pant legs and start the distressing work with any tool from a knife, a nail file or a shaving blade. A scissor is not the right instrument to be used because the cut will be clean, as we want the edges roughened up. Sand paper or a nail file should be used to make the grains fuzzy. The next step is to bleach certain parts of your jeans specially those that have been destroyed, with the help of an old toothbrush or sponge.  After washing the jeans you can reinforce the patches to prevent further ripping.

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